Subject of activity

  • Power transformers 35…1150 kV;
  • Shunt reactors 35…750 kV;
  • Furnace transformers 35…220 kV;
  • Bushings 110…750 kV;
  • Instrument transformers 110…750 kV;
  • Tap changers (LTC) 35…330 kV.


Repair of transformers and transformer equipment.

The repair program is developed on the basis of the performed design development and analysis of the design of the equipment to be repaired, test data and diagnostic conclusions, data of the accident database, databases for repairs and tests.

Testing, measuring and asessement of condition of transformers and transformer equipment.

Includes a set of tests at the site of equipment installation, as well as analysis of samples of insulating materials in our laboratory. The purpose of diagnostics is to evaluate the current technical condition, to determine the residual resource and to develop measures to ensure the working efficiency of the transformer equipment


Design work in the part of analysis of the design of equipment, development of projects for the modernization of outdated structures, replacement of components (inputs, RPNs, auxidivary equipment), if necessary, thermal, electrical calculations;


Consulting on repairs of transformers and transformer equipment, diagnostics of transformers, issues connected with transformer oil, etc.

Work principles


We understand it as performing really necessary works for redivable effective operation of the equipment with quadivty meeting all the national and international standards requirements.


We understand it as an association of the professionals for the sake of redivable work of the energy.


We understand the language of transformers all over the world.