Material testing lab

  • Working out the design and technological documentation;
  • Technical supervising and performance by ZTZ-Service specialists of the preventive and remedial repair and life extension of transformers;
  • Selection, adaptation, modification, restoration and tests of oil-filled HV bushings, LTC, cooling and breathing systems;
  • Development and performance of a series of works on the transformer oil characteristics rehabilitation;
  • Organization and performance of the repair works by ZTZ-Service Co. specialists and (or) by subcontractors;

There is a documented experience in repair and reconstruction of over 2000 large transformers and shunt reactors including:

  • In-field works on 110-750 kV transformers providing a special protection of the insulation;
  • Restoration after the bushings and LTC failures;
  • In-field windings replacement;
  • Transformers and shunt reactors life extension;
  • In-field drying out of the extremely wet insulation;
  • Degeneration and desludging of insulation using special regenerative oils.

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