Material testing lab


  • Assessment of the equipment good condition;
  • Determination of the defect type, cause and danger;
  • Determination of the repair necessity and scope, drafting the defects and failures card;
  • Technical following up of the equipment operation in presence of the defect symp-toms;
  • Determination of the equipment wearing level and technical condition for the pur-pose of its life extension;
  • Working out the recommendations in respect to improvement of the operational conditions.
Base of the expert activity:

  • Accumulated during more than 35 years and continuously expanding database on operation, technical condition, failure types, etc. including information about more than 5000 power transformers.
  • High-skilled specialists having a great practical experience in the field of research, design, system investigation of the failures, tests and repair.
  • Updated diagnostic instruments and special laboratory equipment with wide use of the computer technique.
  • Multi-step diagnostics and functional test methods developed by ZTZ-Service Co. specialists, definition of the probable defects image via diagnostic characteristics.
  • Continuous research in the field of development and implementation of new test and diagnostics methods.
  • Standards and methodical materials MEI, CIGRE, IEEE, ASTM, Doble, extensive foreign information concerning methods of the early diagnostics and their practical application.
Methods used in ZTZ-Service Co. allow:
  • To determine the probable defects in the certain operational conditions, to assess the margin of safety and weak points in the design.
  • To detect the insulation moisture level basing on the results of Water Heat Run Test and temperature dependence of the insulation features.
  • To evaluate the insulation and oil spaces contamination level basing on the data of the insulation features temperature dependence and oil special analysis includ-ing the particles disperse analysis.
  • To determine overheating of the current-conducting joints on the base of measur-ing the contact transient resistances, dissolved gases and degradation products analysis.
  • To determine value and level of the windings deformation basing on the calcula-tion of the possible deformation, change of the short-circuit and capacitance pa-rameters.
  • To detect the presence of overheating and discharges in electromagnetic system basing on the special analysis of the dissolved gases, electromagnetic character-istics and vibroacoustic measurements taking into account the design particular features.
  • To evaluate the insulation overheating presence and its aging level basing on the analysis of the dissolved gases, furanic components and insulation polymerization degree in the specially determined zones.
  • To determine presence and type of the local defect in the bushing core, oil con-tamination and aging level in the bushing and sediment presence on the porcelain internal surface through insulation characteristics temperature changes and im-balance current on the adjusted transformer in operation.
  • To determine the oil aging level and its residual resource.
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