Material testing lab


Technique and technology of refurbishment and life extension.

For this purpose ZTZ-Service Co. performs as follows:

  • Investigates in details the technical condition, evaluates the construction physical and moral wearing.
  • Eliminates the detected and potential defects.
  • Restores the mechanical condition.
  • Restores the electrical strength resources by the way of drying out, purification, special regeneration and reconstruction.
  • Decreases the aging rate aging by means of sealing, cooling improvement, oil re-conditioning.
  • Decreases the operational expenses for cooling and maintenance.
  • Implements the effective protection against failure, for prevention of the blast and fire hazard, protection for on-line monitoring sensors.
  • Decreases the operation influence.
  • Fulfills a complex of preliminary, intermediate and post-repair tests with functional inspection of the equipment.
  • Performs the full-range technical following-up of the future operation.

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