Repair of transformers

Development of design and technological documentation, technical guidance and performance by specialistsof SEC "ZTZ-Service" of preventive and remedial repairs, as well as a set of measures to extend the service life

Repair of transformer
Diagnostics of transformer


Diagnostics of transformers

Assessment of equipment serviceability, determination of the type, cause and danger of the defect.



Installation of transformers

Technical guidance for installation and commissioning of transformer equipment of all voltage classes

Installation of transformer
Transformer oil testing


Transformer oil testing

After testing a sample of transformer oil in our laboratory, we answer the main questions about the condition of the transformer.


Extending the life of a transformer

Almost 25% of power transformers installed in the former USSR countries have reached the standard service life of 25 years or are approaching it.

To renew and extend the service life of a transformer SEC "ZTZ-Service" performs
  • Inspection of the technical condition of a transformer, assessment of physical and moral wear of the structure
  • Restoration of the mechanical state of a transformer
  • Restoration of electrical strength by drying, cleaning, special regeneration, as well as reconstruction
  • Reducing the rate of further aging by sealing, improving cooling, ensuring the durability of the oil
  • Introduction of effective protection against damage, prevention of explosion and fire
  • A set of preliminary, intermediate tests with functional testing of equipment
  • Full technical support of further operation of a transformer


SEC "ZTZ-Service" developed

Guiding documents for transportation, storage, installation and commissioning of 110-750 kV transformers

Technical requirements for technological equipment for oil treatment and insulation

Insulation drying technologies and protection against moisture


Full cycle of works

Archival and electronic documentation is stored and analyzed for each of the transformers. In addition, SEC "ZTZ-Service" is the owner of archival and electronic documentation of more than 2,000 repairs of powerful power transformers and reactors manufactured since 1965.


Identify effective methods, techniques and resources needed to perform service tasks


We prepare design, technological and software documentation


We perform work with the maximum quality and reliability


Top quality on the market

The basis of the SEC "Service" work is the development of scientific and production base, active participation in the work of authoritative international organizations in the field of energy (CIGRE, DOBLE committees, TRAVEK), development of new methods and technologies, constant development and improvement.

Quality control