Material testing lab


When we perform the test of the transformer oil sample in our Laboratory, we answer the main questions about the transformer condition:

  • How did the oil electric insulation characteristics change?
  • How did the oil age during the transformer operation?
  • Are developing the electric, thermal and mechanical defects, the additional equipment defects?

We assess the transformer insulation condition: moistening, contamination, aging degree of cellulose insulation.
As a rule, the oil tests are performed in accordance with international standards, but if necessary, they can be performed according to the Customer's national standards.
The Lab is certified in the Ukrainian certification system.
3000 analyses per year are fulfilled in the Lab.
The Lab possesses information concerning practically all transformer oils manufac-tured presently all over the world.


The main task of in-field testing laboratory is obtaining of the objective and reliable information regarding insulation, electromagnetic and mechanical systems of the power and instrument transformers and shunt reactors with the aim of assessment of their technical condition.
The Lab is certified in the Ukrainian certification system.
The works fulfilled by the lab are a part of complex investigation and diagnostics of the transformer equipment.
To perform the measurements the high-productive, accurate and interference-stable testing devices and measurement systems are used:

  • Insulation analyzer M4000 by "Doble", USA;
  • Apparatus by Bruel&Kjeir, Denmark;
  • High-voltage devices and measurement systems by Haefely Trench (+Tettex);
  • Measurement devices by AVO International;
  • Special purpose instruments.

To assess the transformer equipment condition the following methods and proce-dures are used:

  • Measurement of dielectric characteristics and their temperature dependence for evaluation of the insulation water content and contamination;
  • Measurement of the partial discharges intensity by wide-band and tight-band methods, partial discharge source localization by acoustic method;
  • Measurement of no-load and short-circuit characteristics, acoustic and vibration parameters for assessment of the electromagnetic system condition;
  • Thermovision control - determination of the dynamic condition of the transformer windings and magnetic system;
  • Determination of the contact joints condition and unity of the winding parallel con-ductors;
  • Definition of the transformation and winding connection group factors;
  • Determination of the cooling system condition;
  • Assessment of high-voltage bushings condition;
  • Determination of the voltage regulating devices condition;
  • Determination of dielectric characteristics of current transformers under operating voltage.

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