Diagnostics of transformers

Nowadays the technical condition of power transformers is estimated by a large number of standardized parameters. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the transformer equipment.

The purpose of diagnostic tests is to check certain parameters of the transformer, which are characteristic of it's condition. Diagnostic tests will help to determine the condition of the transformer and choose the right adjustment methods that will increase the reliability and extend transformer's service life.

Departments of SEC "ZTZ-Service"

Full cycle of transformer diagnostics

Comprehensive diagnostics of the state of transformer equipment, based on both traditional measurements and tests, and special measurements and inspections, which contain a complete analysis of the oil on the 24 indicators.

The program of complex diagnostics is developed on the basis of an estimation of a design and individual functional equipment systems.


Diagnostics department

Diagnostics and service

  • Assessment of equipment's ability to work

  • Determining the type, cause and danger of the defect

  • Determining the need and scope of repairs, mapping defects and malfunctions

  • Technical support of equipment operation in the presence of signs of defect

  • Determination of the degree of deterioration and technical condition in order to extend the service life

  • Development of recommendations for improving operating conditions


Field testing lab


The main task of the field testing laboratory is to obtain objective and reliable information about the insulating, electromagnetic and mechanical systems of power and measuring transformers, shunt reactors, in order to assess their technical condition.

The laboratory is accredited in the certification system of Ukraine.

The work performed by the laboratory is part of a comprehensive inspection and diagnostics of transformer equipment.

High-performance, accurate and noise-tolerant test rigs and measuring systems are used to perform measurements:

  • Insulation analyzer М4000 by "Doblе", USA

  • Facility for transformers testing СРС 100 by «Omicron», Austria

  • Teraohmmeter МI 2077 by «Metrel», Slovenia

  • Partial discharge measuring complex of UPDA type by «Cutler-Hammer», USA

  • Multimeters: UNIGOR 390, PowerLogger 10 by «LEM», Germany

  • Special purpose devices

Assessing the condition of transformer equipment

Measurements on the switched on transformer

  • Water Heat Run Test
  • Measurement of partial discharges by acoustic method
  • Measurement of vibration characteristics
  • Measurement of magnetic field strength
  • Thermal imaging examination

Measurements on switched off transformer

  • Measurement of losses and no-load current
  • Measurements of transformer insulation characteristics and high-voltage inputs
  • Measurement of resistances of transformer windings to direct current
  • Measurement of short-circuit resistance