About us

SEC "ZTZ-Service"

SEC "ZTZ-Service" offers a full range of work on the service of transformers and transformer equipment:

  • Power transformers 35…1150 kV;
  • Shunt reactors 35…750 kV;
  • Furnace transformers 35…220 kV;
  • Bushings 110…750 kV;
  • Instrument transformers 110…750 kV;
  • Tap changers (LTC) 35…330 kV;

The fundamentals of work of SEC "ZTZ-Service" are development of scientific and production base, development of new techniques and technologies, constant development and improvement of services in service of transformers and transformer equipment.

Transformer substation
Repair of transformers

Our specialists will execute and manage preventive and remedial repairs

Transformers diagnostics

Assessment of equipment serviceability, determination of the type, cause and danger of the defect

Installation of transformers

Technical guidance for installation and commissioning of transformer equipment of all voltage classes

Transformer oil testing

Determine the main characteristics of transformer oil

Why us

Your best choice!

SEC "ZTZ-Service" values professionalism, accuracy, efficiency and responsibility above all.

We consider the obligatory execution of all technological chain of service of the transformer equipment to be fundamental in the work.

We use many years of experience of the best specialists in the industry.

We are constantly evolving and improving, using the latest advances in science and technology in the field of energy.

best choice

Association of professionals from all countries to solve problems facing energy.


It is possible to work effectively and qualitatively only constantly developing and improving, using the latest achievements of science and technology in the field of energetics.


The quality of our work is confirmed by awards.


Execution of all necessary works based on knowledge of a design, principles of functioning of the equipment, the last achievements in branch will provide reliable and effective work of the equipment with the quality meeting all requirements of national and world standards.


30 years of experience in service of transformer equipment


Specialists of SEC "ZTZ-Service" are real professionals, who are constantly improve their skills and use the latest achievements in the field


The company uses a quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001